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New Zealand's #1 Peanut Butter!

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Pics is "Really Good"

12 years ago I discovered sugar in my favourite peanut butter, so I did what any other near retiree would do - I bought a bunch of peanuts, chucked them in my oven and blitzed them in a cheap blender. The blender burnt out, but the peanut butter inside was staggering.

We don’t break blenders anymore, and there’s much more of us-but we still freshly roast, squeeze and bottle our stuff like I used to. You’ll love it. I do - That’s why I put my name on it. XX Pic.

The OG PB!

The Good Stuff

We assume it is your interest in peanut butter, and Pic’s in particular, that has brought you here. You will know if you have eaten Pic’s. There can be no maybes or I think I might have about it. You try it, you find the jar, look at the label and you commit it to memory. Remember the star!

There are up to two ingredients in our peanut butter. Peanuts, and sea salt. You always get the peanuts, the salt you get if your jar doesn’t say NO SALT. The NO SALT appears on the front panel in white and have a tasteful white band around the edge of the lid, which will help prevent you from buying the wrong one.

Pic likes a bit of salt – he feels it keeps the arteries from going floppy. Not that we add a lot of salt –  Pic’s typically contains about half as much as the ordinary stuff.

Welcome to Pic's PB World

Best Peanut Butter Ever

Pics really is the best. The no salt retains the fantastic flavour. I ordered no salt thinking if I could bear it, it would be even better for me. It still tastes just as good so I always have it.