UMF 20+ Manuka Honey Blend (8.8oz)

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1x MGO 829+ / UMF 20+ (8.8oz) Exceptional care has been taken to ensure this, the rarest of all Mānuka honeys reaches you in its perfect form. We don’t rest till we’ve created some of the creamiest, highest quality Mānuka honey available in New Zealand. Perfect nutrition never tasted so good!

When to use MGO 829+ / UMF 20+: In times when the pressure is on, when your body feels under ‘stress’. Reach for high grade Mānuka to give you the holistic reset your body and mind is craving. Nature’s most potent Mānuka honey is designed to provide you the support you need.

Thanks to our unique crafting technique, our honey is high in nature-given goodness, while ensuring it tastes good too. In fact, this honey delivers a culinary journey for honey lovers; a soft and creamy texture, toffee aroma notes, and a visual delight!

Triple Churned Silky Smooth Manuka Honey: Our unique Triple Churning process gently coaxes out natural toffee aromas & flavors, and a silky-smooth creamy texture.

Non-GMO Certified

UMF Certified: The UMF™ grading system independently appraises Manuka honey for the natural markers found in Manuka honey which assures consumers of the purity and quality of the honey.