Peanut Butter Slugs (20 Units)

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The box contains 20 x 1.1oz slugs.

Pic's Slugs are 1.05oz of pure peanut butter, double squished to smooth, lightly salted and squashed into a foil tube. AKA a shot of the world's finest peanut butter.

Pic's Slugs are ready to eat, they are a good source of protein and free of gluten, dairy, and no added sugar.

Always remember before you open the Slug to knead it and squeeze it!  Just like our jars of natural peanut butter, the PB does separate, so a good stress-busting pinching and prodding will get your PB squished back together.

Add a banana, and it's breakfast on the go; apple or celery and a slug is a healthy 3pm snack; On vanilla ice cream for pudding, the perfect portion size for your breakfast smoothie.