What’s in Pic’s Peanut Butter?

No nasties! We like to keep it natural; just peanuts and a dash of salt is all you’ll find in your starred jar.


“Runny" Smooth?

Our smooth is remarkably smooth! We say, ‘runny like honey’. This is because we don’t add any emulsifiers to keep the oil solid. It’s velvety and perfect for drizzling, baking, or getting that deliciously delicate layer of nutty butter on your toast. 


Is Pic's peanut butter organic?

Organic nuts would be ideal. However, there are some really good reasons why we’ve decided not to go down that route. To begin the long story, we should start with why we chose the nuts we do. We get the highest quality Hi Oleic nuts for our peanut butter. We choose to use these because of their amazing health benefits and flavour. However, the growers of these peanuts only produce tiny amounts of organic peanuts which isn’t enough to keep up with our demand. You see, organic peanuts are super tricky to grow, as peanuts need to be sprayed up to 10-12 times a year for pest and fungus (such as aflatoxins) control. However, that doesn’t mean they just spray any old thing on the growing peanuts. Herbicides are limited in volume, frequency and type and that, of course, meet NZ food-safe practice codes. 


Dry PB?

With none of the added nasties you’ll find that over time the oil will head to the top and any salt will sink to the bottom. Give it a good ol’ stir up when you first open it. This is the best way to make sure the peanut butter at the top of the jar isn’t too oily and the stuff at the bottom stays spreadable.



Pic's peanut butter is; Non GMO, Orangutan Alliance Certified Palm Oil Free, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Kosher, 5 Star Health Rating, Low GI.